October 22, 2014

Yosemite or Bust: Risking Apple OS 10.10 Incompatibility

Apple released their latest operating system a few days back. Today (Oct. 22nd) I received the e-mail encouraging me to upgrade but I already had. I noticed it when I opened the App Store app on my MacBook a few days ago. It’s Mac OS 10.10, more affectionately known as Yosemite.

Naturally, not wanting to risk important software being out of sorts until each developer got up to speed with Yosemite, I decided to hit google for any known issues. Didn’t really find any, likely because it was just too early. Although I did find a couple posts of people recommending I wait for the first patch release to fix anything identified after the initial release. Very sensible…but no one has ever accused me of being sensible when it comes to new technology. In all honesty, I didn’t even bother to watch the Apple WWDC 2014 - OS 10.10 Yosemite Introduction on YouTube. I mean come on, it’s over half an hour long!

So I couldn’t help myself. I downloaded and installed it right away…a kind of Yosemite or bust attitude.  I did get an incompatibility notice for some long forgotten piece of software I had installed. That was no issue at all and, in the few days since I have installed Yosemite, I have not noticed any other issues either.

All is good as far as functionality goes. Safari even seems to run a bit smoother, though getting used to the new design will take some getting used to — I find seeing which tab is active rather difficult for one. But conversely, I do like the new dock and the translucency feature that hits you as soon as you boot.

Biggest plus for me is how my MacBook is now connected to my iOS devices. Phone calls can be answered on my MacBook when I forget my iPhone in the car — already been there, done that. Even better is being able to text with everyone now once I shut my iPhone down for the day, not just people with iMessage.

I haven’t used AirDrop and Handoff yet but I know I will be soon. Same for iCloud. I’m solely using DropBox right now (already moved away from Google Drive) because iCloud couldn’t do what DropBox does, but now an iCloud folder resides right on my MacBook  —  and have found old documents I had forgotten I have. The new iCloud Folder can only be good news for a lot of people.

I won’t list all the new features here as you can just read the complete list on the 
Mac App Store Preview. But what I will say is there are enough enhancements to the OS and core apps that I have moved my important e-mail from gmail back to iCloud via Mac Mail, and the same goes for my calendar…sorry Google, but you’re becoming too Microsoft’ish-like for my taste.

Bottom line. In my opinion, no need to wait. Install Yosemite as soon as you can.

Peace out...


  1. I just downloaded Yosemite and discovered to my chagrin that Yahoo Instant Messenger is not compatible which is how I communicate with a lot of people. This is a pain in the ass for however long it lasts. You'd think that the major players would coordinate these releases so the users are not inconvenienced.

    1. That is surprising Mr. Anonymous. I don't use that app but, once I installed I noticed my Safari search engine of choice was change to default on Yahoo, so I presumed Yahoo and Apple were in cahoots on that for some reason. But after your comment, I guess I was mistaken. Still, surprising Yahoo wasn't in front of this.


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