October 15, 2014

RapidWeaver 6 Upgrade Coming October 21st — Website Designers Rejoice!


Just viewed my e-mail notification from Realmac Software that RapidWeaver 6 for OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite will launch October 21st. Let me be likely not anywhere near the first to say FINALLY! I know from the forums, twitter, etc… that I am not alone in wondering if Realmac had all but abandoned their flagship Rapidweaver in favour of developing (what I believe are) lessor programs.

It is a paid upgrade but that’s okay by me. I’m just happy to know I haven’t backed a dying horse — I develop my sites exclusively with RapidWeaver. Full price is $90 and the upgrade is $40

Some key points to note with the upgrade:
• It’s a 64-bit-only app so you’ll need to update plugins. The latest versions are in
• Plugins should copy from 5 to 6 hassle free, presuming you’ve kept them up to date
• Themes will migrate without any changes, though some new features may be available
• Adding code has improved so you can add HTML, CSS, Javascript and more to every page.
• Publishing speed has been tripled
• Check more of the
New Features

Well I know I’m excited and can’t wait to get my hands on RW 6. One more week, then it’s time to play!

Peace out…

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